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There are many people named Steve Hill, Stephen Hill, or Steven Hill working as photographers across the globe. Two residing in New York City alone.


How does one stand out in a crowded Steve, Stephen, Steven Hill Photography market? I could change my name to Stephen Octavius Hill in a nod to the famed Scottish photographer, David Octavius Hill. Or I can become Stevia Hill and bill myself as “The sweetest name in photography.”


What’s in a name? One would like to think that the works speak for itself. So I present the work of Stephen J. Hill Photography to you, humble viewer, so you be the judge.


A little background. This Stephen J. Hill, (Steve) is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and trained as a graphic designer. He started shooting freelance assignments for Ohio Magazine for the famed art director Greg Paul. Steve crossed the state many times in a dodgy Karmann Ghia taking environmental portraits to illustrate the magazine’s articles.

Then a move to New York City to begin working as a television network art director. After a lay-off, Steve returned to photography and began working steadily for many business magazines such as Manhattan Inc.— the well-regarded magazine that showcased the movers and shakers of the financial world during the “greed is good” late eighties. Next, there were location and studio portrait assignments in the entertainment field for Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide to name a few. This led to an interest in the theatre so Steve helped create The Spiral Theatre Studio in the city. Steve started a graphic design and marketing communications practice called Hill House Design. He also continues to work on photo assignments as well as personal projects like Black Streets, White Steam, and Masked—In the Year of the Plague.


Magazine assignments:

Avenue; Business/London; BusinessWeek; Cleveland Plain Dealer; Computer World; Discover; Entertainment Weekly; Forbes; Fortune; GQ; Macworld; Manhattan Inc.; Mirabella; New Age; Ohio Magazine; Newsweek; New York Magazine; Rolling Stone; Sports Illustrated; Spy; The Tattler; TV Guide; Vanity Fair; The Village Voice; Whittle Communications; Worth; Your Company



Earned over 25 awards in juried competitions from American Photography Annual; Photographis, American Institute of Graphic Arts; Society of Publication Designer; Broadcast Designers Association; Type Directors Club; Communication Arts Design Annual; Print Regional Annual; Art Direction Creativity; Print Casebook/Covers; Blurb Photography Book Competition; Ohio Arts Council/Individual Artist Grants.



Camera 35; Todays Photographer; 35 MM Photography; Photo District News; Columbus Monthly; Ohio Magazine



Over 20 group juried photography and art exhibitions including solo shows at Leica Gallery in New York City and Style Meets People in Tokyo, Japan.


Photography books:

The Dicebox Family Album by the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts; Legends of the Village, People who have contributed to the culture of Greenwich Village by Village Care of New York; Photobook, Blurb Photography Book Competition.

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